Thursday, December 20, 2012

Welcome to the School of Computer Science

I write this first post as I finish my first semester as chair of the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I have over ten years of blogging fun over at Computational Complexity, one of the first weblogs in computer science. In discussing ways to promote the School, it's been suggested that I bring my blogging talents over to the School to tell what makes the us, the College of Computing and Georgia Tech such a great place to work and study. Let's get started.

Computer science, as a discipline, encompasses all aspects of STEM, and even STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). I've been a faculty at CS departments that sits in colleges of science and engineering and neither is a good fit for CS. By having our own College of Computing, Georgia Tech can truly excel at computer science. We have close ties to both the Colleges at Engineering and Science at Tech but we work as equal partners. The College of Computing has three schools (which would be called departments at most other universities): Interactive Computing, Computational Science and Engineering, and Computer Science. IC covers HCI, robotics, vision and graphics. CSE handles large-scale computing.

One can define SCS by our research areas but instead think of our basic mission: to make computing better. We make computation faster, smarter, safer and secure as we meet the continual challenges of computing such as complex networks, cloud computing, mobile computing and multicore technologies.

In future posts I'll highlight the research and activities of our incredible faculty, students and staff. But for now enjoy the holidays and see the beauty of computer science from the College's own Holiday Gift Guide.

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