Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Professors in SCS: Bill Harris and Taesoo Kim

I'm excited to announce our two new assistant professors starting in the School of Computer Science in the fall, Bill Harris and Taesoo Kim.

Bill is completing his PhD under Somesh Jha and Thomas Reps at the University of Wisconsin. Bill studies program synthesis, analysis and verification. He has developed tools that generate programs to help operating systems meet specified security requirements even if the underlying components may not be trusted. Bill also had some exciting work manipulating tabular data by example which appeared as a CACM Research Highlight and playing a role in the new Flash Fill feature in Excel 2013.

Taesoo just graduated from MIT working under Nickolai Zeldovich and Frans Kaashoek specializing in systems security. His thesis work focused on detecting and recovering from attacks on computer systems. Taesoo developed tools that would detect intrusion and discover which parts of the operating system could have been affected, allowing a systems administrator to recover from an attack without excessive manual effort.

We're very excited to have Bill and Taesoo as part of the School of Computer Science family.

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